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Thanks for stopping by... If you're looking for a Cake Artist who can create something truly stunning AND delicious, you're in luck!

My Signature style is clean, colourful & fun, and I have a pretty impressive menu of Cake Flavours too! I love to dazzle your guests with the perfect celebration cake, that everyone will remember fondly.

I love to cater for gluten intolerances, and take the greatest care to ensure that all items are baked from scratch, with as much love and attention as if it were for my own family. I take all food intolerances seriously, and special requests can be made on application.

Elegantly Frosted is a Home Based, Fully Food Licensed business, based in Underwood, south-east of Brisbane. We service all areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Maleny and southern end of the Sunshine Coast.

Do you have special dietary requirements?

There are gluten free, dairy free & vegan options available - please send an enquiry to make a request for your specific dietary requirements.


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Booking & Location Info

How do I get a quote & make a booking?

Please use my Enquiry Form (scroll up a bit to find it), to enquire about my availability, and I will be more than happy to calculate a quote if our schedules align.  I just need a few basic details before I can complete a quote for you, including the event date and time, the event location, the number of guests, and any info that you can provide regarding the styling that you had in mind.  If you don't provide all of the required details, then your quote will be delayed, as I will need to double back to ask you for these details.

I will provide a quote for your order, and if you choose to accept this, I will create an itemised Invoice, with the cake size, flavour, design specifications, and my Bank Account details to allow for payment via Direct Deposit.  The Terms & Conditions are detailed on the second page of the invoice, and state that there is a 50% deposit to confirm the booking, with the final balance due 2 weeks prior to your event.

Please note that I don't hold dates, unless a payment has been made. If you have simply contacted me regarding my availability or pricing, this doesn't mean that your date has been confirmed yet. I book out quickly as I have limited capacity each week, so please request your booking confirmation as early as possible, to avoid missing out.

How far ahead should I book?

I require at least 2 weeks lead time (subject to availability on your requested date), to allow enough time to confirm the design specifics & details of your cake, for your invoice & payment to be finalised, and for items such as acrylic toppers & flowers to be ordered in time for your special occasion.  If you are enquiring about a celebration that is less than 2 weeks away, I am unfortunately unable to accommodate your request.

I recommend booking as early as possible for your event, as popular dates tend to book out quickly. In particular, March - May and September - October, tend to be my busiest months, due to Spring & Autumn weddings being particularly popular in Queensland.

In addition to being a Cake Artist, I work part time in a day job (I split my time between clinical work in Private Practice and running Elegantly Frosted) - so I am usually juggling enquiries, quotes, invoices & cake bookings around my work schedule. I will usually respond to emails & messages within 2 business days, however, between Thursday & Sunday, replies will usually be delayed, as that is peak time for baking, decorating & delivering for everyone’s special events.

I am currently only available for events from Friday to Sunday. If you are planning an event from Monday to Thursday, I am unfortunately unavailable to cater for your event. Sorry!

Where are you located?

Elegantly Frosted HQ is located at Underwood, not far from the Gateway & Pacific Motorways (M1 & M3). Our street address is not published online for privacy, as this is a home based business. You are very welcome to pick up your order, and I will advise you of the address if you have chosen this option. NB: If you are due to pick up a cake today, and are scrolling this website looking for our address - I promise that it's right there at the top of your invoice.

Do you have a shop that I can drop in to pick up a cake for tonight?

Sorry, but I don’t have cakes on “standby” for short notice pickups, as Elegantly Frosted is not a retail bakery. Everything here is baked fresh for each order - so I don't have any spares lying around at any time!  I recommend that you always get in touch with me as early as possible when planning your event, so that I can make sure that I am available to create something truly fabulous for your celebration!

I have sent an enquiry, but haven’t received a response yet… Are you ignoring me?

If you have clicked on this FAQ because you are wondering why I haven’t replied to your request yet, then there could be a couple of (totally legit) reasons for this…

If it is more than 2 business days since you sent your enquiry, please go back and check your Junk or Spam folders, as some email platforms like to fling me straight in there (I’m looking at you, Hotmail and GMail)...  I am usually available to respond within 2 business days if you have emailed me over the weekend or early in the week.  Please note Saturday and Sunday are not included as business days (i.e. you can expect a reply on Monday or Tuesday if you enquired over the weekend).

If you have sent your enquiry between Thursday and Sunday, I am quite literally up to my elbows in cake, buttercream and dirty dishes on these days.  Email replies will usually be delayed at the tail end of the week.  My top priority is always getting cakes baked, decorated and safely delivered to their events, so quotes and invoices have to take a back seat during this time - please be patient, and I promise that I will be right back with you as soon as I am back on admin duties.

If you have sent an incomplete enquiry via the web form or email - i.e.. you have left the fields in the web form blank and haven’t specified the date, location, number of guests, etc - then my response to you will be delayed, as I will need to spend extra time doubling back to request this info before I can calculate a quote.  Please note that I cannot spend time calculating a quote without knowing if I am available for the date and location of your event. If you haven’t set a date or locked in a venue for your wedding yet, and are in the early stages of researching cake vendors & pricing, please check out my “Pricing” guide under the “Menu” section of my website for comprehensive details on cake sizing & pricing.

If you believe that you have ticked all of the boxes above, and that I have missed your enquiry - I sincerely apologise for missing you. It is just the one human (me!!) running this business, and unfortunately sometimes enquiries can get missed. Please bounce another message through and I will respond ASAP with the info that you requested.

Food Safety & Covid-19 Info

Are you Food Licensed?

I most certainly am! Elegantly Frosted is proudly Food Licensed with a 5 Star Eat Safe Rating from Logan City Council, and I care deeply about maintaining top notch Food Safety Standards for my clients. I am happy to provide copies of my Food License & Insurance certificates to your wedding or function venue if requested.

Hot Tip: It's really important that you choose a Cake Artist that has a Food Licence & Indemnity Insurance, in fact, most function venues insist on it. The implementation of Government Restrictions and Policies surrounding COVID-19 have significantly changed some of our much-loved wedding traditions, including how venues handle and serve your wedding or celebration cake. Each function venue has their own policy on cake display & serving, and I recommend that you check with your individual function venue regarding their COVID-Safe policy on wedding & celebration cakes. Some venues are choosing to prohibit the serving of any food that has been displayed in a common area for any length of time - don't worry - I am able to suggest strategies for managing the logistics if this is the situation at your function venue. You may also need to consider hiring a display case to protect your cake, and I can advise on where to source these if it is required by your venue.

What measures have you implemented to ensure that your business is Covid-Safe?

In addition to my super strict procedures for maintaining Food Safety in accordance with the conditions of my Food Licence (see previous FAQ for details), I have a comprehensive background in Clinical Infection Control, having worked as a Podiatrist in Private Practice and University environments for more than 20 years.  I am extremely familiar with techniques for managing cross contamination in a clinical environment, and have adapted and applied “aseptic technique” from the clinic, and implemented it effectively into the kitchen.  Fun Fact: Microbiology was one of my favourite subjects at Uni, and I received top marks in my Microbiology exams and assignments.  I am a fully qualified Germaphobe and proud of it.

All contact surfaces outside the kitchen, including doorbell, door handles and handrails are cleaned and sanitised regularly.  All surfaces in my kitchen are cleaned and sanitised frequently.

All eligible members of the Elegantly Frosted family are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and Influenza.  This means that we are extremely unlikely to get sick, and extremely unlikely to cancel your order at short notice.

Elegantly Frosted is registered with a QR Code to enable guests to register their contact at our location via the Check In Qld app, to comply with Government requirements regarding contact tracing in the event of an exposure to a positive case of Covid-19.

What is your policy for events cancelled or postponed due to COVID Lockdowns or Restrictions?

If your event is cancelled or postponed with more than 2 weeks notice, a credit (minus any incurred costs) may be provided towards a future booking, at the discretion of Elegantly Frosted’s management, and pending my availability on your requested date. If your event is cancelled or postponed with less than 2 weeks notice, for example, in the case of a snap Government imposed lockdown, I will do my absolute best to accommodate your requirements. I will provide credit towards a future booking, but I reserve the right to deduct any incurred costs from the balance paid against your account.

Elegantly Frosted is not liable to compensate the client for any cancellations made secondary to the implementation of Government Restrictions and COVID-19. Please note that I am able to accommodate up to 1 rescheduled date within 12 months of your original event date, and any subsequent postponements will incur additional fees.

Delivery, Pick-up & Storage of your Cake

Do you provide delivery?

Yes, I deliver to all areas of Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, northern NSW, Maleny & south end of Sunshine Coast. Delivery is charged according to distance, Road Toll fees and time taken, and I can advise of the exact cost with your quote.

While pickup of single tier cakes & smaller items (cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts) is welcome from our headquarters at Underwood, I am unable to allow the self transport of any 2 or 3 tier cakes. It's much safer to leave transporting the big cakes to the experts (ie. me!!).

If you have requested a 2 or 3 tier cake, your quote will automatically include the delivery & set-up fee. Please ensure that you include the specific location or suburb of your function, as delivery is calculated based on distance from me. Elegantly Frosted reserves the right to decline order requests based on difficulty in logistics (including distance, location or accessibility).

I have chosen to pick up my single tier cake - what is the best way to transport it safely to its party destination?

All of Elegantly Frosted’s cakes are supplied in a professional cake box, with printed instructions detailing the best way to store and serve the cake.

Your cake will be refrigerated right up until the time that you collect it, so that it will be as firm and sturdy as possible when you take it.  Your cake LOVES to be cold, so please crank the air conditioner as cold as you can handle.

It’s helpful to have a non-slip mat or towel to place directly under the cake box, and the safest place for your cake is on a flat surface in your car - either in the Passenger footwell, or in the Cargo compartment.  Please don’t ever place your cake on a car seat, unless you want your cake to develop an unattractive lean!

Once your cake is in your possession, it is YOUR responsibility to take care of it - drive carefully, take corners slowly, and brake softly (no sudden stops!!), to ensure that your cake arrives at the party in one piece.  Please remember that if you are picking up your cake several hours ahead of your event commencing, your cake MUST be stored in a fridge or cold room.  It is not sufficient to store the cake on a kitchen bench or in an air conditioned room - the fridge situation is absolutely not negotiable!!

How should I store my cake?

I recommend that all of my cakes are stored in the box supplied, in a fridge or cold room, right up until the start of your celebration. This ensures that your cake is strong & stable, and will hold its shape when you move it into place for your event.

NB: You'll usually need to remove a shelf or 2 from your fridge to accommodate the height of my single tiers, it's not a simple squeeze into a fully stocked fridge!

The Little Details

What type of Buttercream do you use?

American buttercream is my one and only favourite to work with. My version of American buttercream is super special - my recipe uses salted butter, which cuts the sweetness of the icing sugar, and I have some sneaky tricks up my sleeve for creating a light, smooth and delicious buttercream, that so many have mistaken for a meringue based buttercream!

Do you offer Fondant covered cakes?

I specialise in buttercream, and don’t work with fondant on cakes (other than the odd little embossed embellishment).  I do however have some very talented friends who do exceptional fondant work, and if you ask nicely, I’ll be very glad to tell you where you can get in touch with these clever people.

Do you offer cupcakes?

Yes I do - but my cupcakes are only available as a side order alongside a bigger cake, for example, to accompany the main birthday, wedding or celebration cake, or to serve to the special dietary guests at an event.  I am very happy to advise you on specific pricing for cupcakes when you enquire about your celebration cake.

NB:  I am no longer available to offer cupcake or doughnut towers - they might look simple, but they’re a LOT more work than a traditional tiered cake.  I have done lot’s of cupcake towers in the past, and I’m well and truly done with that trend. Sorry!

Do you ever do Short or Standard Height tiers?

That’s a hard no from me. Sorry!  My Signature style ALWAYS incorporates modern, tall tiers (with the exception of “That Square Cake” designs), as I just love those long, elegant lines.  If it’s short, squat tiers that you’re looking for, I’m afraid you’ll have to enquire elsewhere!

Can you please duplicate this cake design that I found on Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook?

That’s a real quick no!  Unless you’re sending me photos of my own designs, I can’t (and won’t) attempt to duplicate anything that you have requested.

If you have photos of cake styles that you like, please feel welcome to send them through, but I absolutely refuse to copy anything.  Aside from it being terrible etiquette as an Artist, there is absolutely no fun in being asked to duplicate another Baker’s design.

Wedding Cake Info

Do your Wedding Cakes cost more than standard Celebration Cakes?

The short answer is “no”.  I don't charge extra just because it is for a wedding, and there is no such thing as the "Wedding Tax"!  Yes, really!

My cakes, regardless of the occasion, are priced based on the number of servings, serving size, the type of embellishments included, and the location for delivery.

Your wedding is likely to be the biggest party that you’ll ever host - therefore wedding cakes are catered to serve many guests. If you’re serving your wedding cake plated formally as the dessert course, you’ll need larger servings than you’d normally cater for a birthday party, where the slices are often arranged on a platter and sized smaller for ease of handling when guests help themselves to some cake!

I have published an article on my blog (link below), that goes into more detail regarding the specifics of Wedding Cakes and why they “cost more”.


When is the best time to start planning my wedding cake?

Just as you need to get in early to nab a booking with the popular Celebrants, Photographers, Venues and Stylists, the well established Cake Artists (like me!) also get booked out ahead of time!

If you enquire with a minimum of 12 months notice for your wedding, this ensures that your Cake Artist will be able to advise on their potential availability, provide a preliminary quote, and also include you on the guest list of their next Tasting Day.

While I am also able to accept Wedding Cake bookings with less than 12 months notice, this is 100% subject to my availability on your requested date.  Please note that peak Wedding Season in south-east Queensland is between March & June and September & November, so wedding dates during these months really do book out ahead of time!

Do you offer Consultations for designing my Wedding or Special Occasion cake?

Nope.  Sorry!  I run a pretty tight ship here, and split my daily schedule between cake prep & admin, as well as a day job in a clinic. I tend to bounce between the multiple tasks that I have on the go at any one time - it really is quite a juggle - and therefore I just don’t have time to stop and sit down for any length of time to chat about cake designs.

The best way to discuss cake designs with me is to send your ideas across via email.  I can easily respond to an email whenever I have an opportunity in between working on other tasks - and keeping a written trail is helpful for me to have info to refer back to, as I often forget the details of verbal discussions.

Are you able to provide sketches of my Wedding Cake design?

Sorry, but this is not something that I have ever offered to any client, and I’m not about to start!  Aside from the extra time taken to draw up a specific design (in an already hectic schedule), I really don’t like to be tied down creating a specific design or idea.

My perfect client is one who loves an element of surprise, so while I am really happy to provide a loose description of what your cake design includes on your order invoice, I do need you to swing me a bit of artistic licence (and trust) when it comes to putting your finished cake together.  If you’re looking to micromanage every detail of your cake design, then I am sorry, but I am not the right Cake Artist for you.

Are you able to supply a “Blank Canvas” cake for my florist to style with blooms?

No. As much as I love to bake, my real passion lies in the styling and finishing of your cake.  The floral styling is the absolute best part of the job, and I really do love my weekly trips to the Flower Markets to select the most perfect blooms. And, oh boy, am I fussy about the flowers that I select for your cake.

Aside from the artistic aspect, there is also the important topic of Food Safety.  My Food Licence (and Indemnity Insurance) requires me to ensure that all items placed onto your cake are prepared correctly, safely, and by me (the Licensee).  It’s imperative that fresh flowers are prepared and placed hygienically and carefully, and therefore I don’t allow anyone else to touch my cakes.

NB: I am very happy to liaise directly with your Florist or Stylist to ensure that the wedding cake blooms are perfectly coordinated with your bouquets and floral styling.

** If you happen to have been referred by one of my talented Florist or Stylist friends, please mention this when you submit your initial enquiry, so that I can advise on the logistics of coordinating your floral styling for you. **

I’d love to include a custom Cake Topper on my cake. What are your recommendations?

My friend, Natalia, at Studio T55, is the most incredible cake topper designer,  I work exclusively with Natalia for all of my laser cut acrylic toppers.  Studio T55 is a small, Brisbane based business, and Natalia shares a similar standard of “fussiness” to yours truly when it comes to creating the perfect product.  I love supporting local Aussie businesses whenever possible, and I love that I can personally go and grab my toppers, instead of relying on (the sometimes slow and delayed) AusPost service.

If you do insist on sourcing your own cake topper, whether it be for a wedding cake or a birthday celebration, please always let me know that this is your plan.  My cakes are styled and balanced based on the careful & artistic consideration of all of the embellishments in front of me at the time of decorating, so it does throw things out when I arrive at the wedding or function venue to find a “surprise” cake topper that either doesn’t fit the cake, has the wrong sized spike (or my absolute pet hate: more than 1 spike), or it just doesn’t match or fit with the style of the rest of the cake.

Do you offer anything bigger than 3 tiers?

I am unable to offer anything larger than 3 tiers (5” + 7” + 9” diameter, extended height tiers), as I am unable to physically carry anything heavier than this.  If you do have a very large number of guests coming to your event, I can quote for the additional servings to be supplied with separate Kitchen Cakes.

Am I able to include “fake” tiers in my wedding or celebration cake?

No, I don’t offer fake (or “dummy”)  tiers, for various reasons…

Unfortunately styrofoam doesn’t behave the same way that real cake does - it’s weightless, so therefore doesn’t “feel” the same way that a real heavy cake tier does when applying a buttercream or ganache coating. It also doesn’t chill down the same way that real cake does, so it takes twice as long (sometimes more!!) to get a clean & perfect finish on a foam cake, compared to doing the same work on a real cake.

Styrofoam is also not a practical choice for buttercream or ganache coatings - it’s porous - so there are thousands of tiny air bubbles within the volume of the styrofoam dummy, and as the cake sits on display, it slowly warms up (which is inevitable in Queensland weather). So what happen is those little air pockets expand outwards to create bulges & bubbles on the surface, and ruin the finish of your cake - YIKES!!

These logistical issues aside, Elegantly Frosted is a business that tries its best to maintain environmental sustainability, and styrofoam just isn’t an option that aligns with this ethic.  Your styrofoam tiers will usually go straight into landfill after the event, and I am not ok with that.  The same goes for chocolate coated styrofoam “balloons” or “balls” on cakes - they’re horrific for the environment, so it’s a no from me.

What is a Kitchen Cake?

A kitchen cake is an undecorated square cake that is kept “out the back” to provide additional servings alongside the main tiered cake.  My Kitchen Cakes contain perfect layers of beautiful cake, with handmade fillings and buttercream, from my fabulously decadent menu.  The quality, size and shape of the slices served from a Kitchen Cake are identical to that in the main cake - so your dessert plates will be consistent for every guest at your event.

Kitchen Cakes are ideal to supplement the “main” cake, as they are available as half and full size squares, and are tailored based on the number of extra servings that you require (and this keeps your tab more sensible, as this way you won’t need to add a whole extra tier to the setup).

Kitchen Cakes are also great for catering for guests with special dietary requirements, as they are stored separately, and labelled carefully, so that they are less likely to be subject to cross contamination. If you require further assistance with quoting for Kitchen Cakes, please get in touch so that I can advise you on the best options for your event.

What about sheet cakes?

Nup! A sheet (or slab) cake is a really big rectangular cake, that is usually a single, flat layer of cake, that is very basically decorated, and offered by commercial bakeries to provide an inexpensive option for providing a large number of servings for a party.  As a bespoke small business, this just isn’t my style.  I do offer Kitchen Cakes, which are “undecorated”, square cakes, that are unseen, and stored “out the back” (see above point for a more detailed description of what a Kitchen Cake is).

Menu Options & Special Dietary Considerations

May I request a change to your Menu selections?

Absolutely!  My menu is completely adaptable, so if you are dreaming of “mixing & matching” a different combination of cake, buttercream &/or filling (as listed in my menu), please let me know, and I will make it happen for you!

How many flavours can I choose for my cake?

You may choose 1 flavour per single tier, extended height cake, and 2 flavours per single tier, double height cake.  Most 2 and 3 tier cake sizes are able to be split into 3 flavours, and I can advise you on how this works with your specific cake size.

May I request the fancy fillings, (eg. raspberry coulis, salted caramel sauce & lemon curd), separately?

You sure can!  All of my fancy fillings can be heat sealed in a biodegradable piping bag - all you need to do is carefully snip a small opening with sharp scissors when you’re ready to serve.

I hand pipe a border of buttercream around the edge of the cake layers to hold fancy fillings in place, so for smaller cakes (4” or 5” diameter tiers), I highly recommend keeping soft or liquid fillings separate, so that you can serve them more generously alongside the cake.

It’s also a great solution if you have fussy guests - for example at a kid’s birthday party - you could choose a simple vanilla buttermilk cake with vanilla bean buttercream to keep the kids happy, but keep a sneaky side serve of raspberry coulis or passionfruit curd for the adults to enjoy with their own cake slices!

What type of special dietary requirements can you cater for?

I pride myself in my ability to create special dietary cakes that are as close as possible to the original version! It definitely depends on the original recipe for your chosen cake, as to whether I can successfully substitute ingredients to tailor a cake to your special dietary requirements - for example, vegan & dairy free cakes usually contain soy and coconut based milk & cream in place of regular dairy products (butter, sour cream, buttermilk, milk and cream). My entire menu is available as gluten free on request, and a small selection of cake flavours can be converted to entirely dairy free or vegan. Please note that there are limits to the potential size & design of dairy free & vegan cakes, due to the "less stable" nature of substituted ingredients, however I can advise if & how this specifically affects your chosen design if you send an enquiry with your requirements.

I take great care with baking and decorating your cakes, to ensure that your cake is as “pure” as possible. I have strict procedures for avoiding cross contamination, however, as I also use ingredients containing gluten, dairy, soy, egg & nuts in our kitchen, I do need to warn that traces of these ingredients may be present. Please email me at hello@elegantlyfrosted.com.au to make an enquiry about your specific requirements.

NB: I am unable to provide refined sugar free or reduced sugar cakes at this time. My special dietary recipes are painstakingly tried & tested, with significant time invested to create the existing gluten free, dairy free & vegan menu options. Unfortunately I just don't have the capacity in my schedule to commit to the extensive recipe testing to develop sugar free or reduced sugar options.

I have just a handful of guests with special dietary requirements. What is the best way to cater for them?

I highly recommend catering for your special diet guests with either a separate kitchen cake, or with cupcakes, and both options can be packaged separately to avoid cross contamination.  I can advise on the best way to include these options if you are able to advise the number of guests that have special dietary requirements within your web enquiry.


Do you offer Tasting Boxes?

Yes! I have beautifully presented Tasting Boxes available to pre-order at our Tasting Days, with each box containing 6 of my most popular cake flavours (with Gluten Free options available by application). Tasting Boxes are complimentary for confirmed Wedding Cake bookings (ie. with deposit paid on an invoice with a total of $600 or more), and they are available for a small fee if you’re still shopping around for your wedding cake.  If you choose to confirm your Wedding Cake booking prior to attending a Tasting Day event, I will include you on the Guest List for the very next available event (and you’ll be the first to know when I do confirm).

How often do you offer Tasting Boxes?

Tasting Boxes are available twice per year, usually in January and July.

My Tasting Boxes are baked fresh for each Tasting Day event - there's no frozen cakes here! Each round of Tasting Boxes are a massive task to complete (with 2 absolutely mammoth days of preparation involved) - so they are therefore available strictly as scheduled.

NB: If you prefer to sample a Tasting Box prior to confirming your wedding cake booking, I recommend enquiring at least 12 months in advance.

When is the next Tasting Day?

My next Tasting Day is on Saturday, 2nd July, 2022. Please email hello@elegantlyfrosted.com.au for more info, or to request your place - bookings in each round are strictly limited.

You can also keep an eye on my socials by following @elegantlyfrosted on Instagram & Facebook, to stay up to date on future Tasting Events. Please note that due to the my schedule being quite heavily booked, that I will be unable to offer anything earlier than as stated above.